Where the Heart Is Brings The Emotional And Dark Atmosphere That We Love

Okay, okay. This article is a little off-brand. Where the Heart Is seems to have all the elements of a great horror game—surreal, narrative-based, atmospheric journey through a mysterious dimension. It just doesn’t seem scary. But we don’t have rules, and even if we did, we would break them. This game looks cool.

Where the Heart Is follows the story of Whit, a father whose life is upturned when a massive sinkhole opens in his farm. His family’s dog gets too close to the hole and falls in, and when Whit goes to find him, he enters into a new realm. This bizarre dreamscape Whit is in shows both the past and future of his life, and through a mix of puzzle-solving and exploration, you must use what you find in the sinkhole dimension in order to learn about his life and fix the mistakes from his past.  

Where the Heart Is will be releasing sometime this winter, exclusively on the PS4. For more information, check out the Where the Heart Is website here.

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