Where is My Body Makes Over 600% Of Kickstarter Goal, Gets New Chapter

It’s always good to see a game hit its Kickstarter goal. In the case of Where is My Body?, it appears to have completely annihilated it. At the end of its Kickstarter campaign Where is My Body? has finished with a little over 600% of the original goal.

Asking for a cool €4,000 to make a Game Boy horror adventure game, at the end of the campaign Where is My Body? has gotten €24,231 funded. This means that the game is not only funded but has also hit a pair of stretch goals. One of them will have the cartridge ship in a little cartridge-sized cardboard box, so you can display the game a little easier on your shelf. The second stretch goal sees the game extended, adding in a new third chapter at a farm that will take place between the two chapters the game will already have.

If you missed the original Kickstarter post, Where is My Body? is an upcoming horror adventure game. However, what makes it really unique, is that it’s specifically being made for the Game Boy. The game puts you in the role of a disembodied hand that is brought back to life by a mad professor. The hand wants to find the rest of its body, so you escape the lab and start interacting with things until you stumble across it.

If that sounds like your jam, you can keep up with Where is My Body?‘s development on its Kickstarter page.

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