V Rising Brings Open World Vampire Survival to PC

Sweden-based Stunlock Studios announced today their plans for the open-world vampire survival game. The Beta release of V Rising is planned for later this year, with the full game eventually coming to Steam.

Players awake as vampires weakened from hundreds of years of torpor. They’ll need to hunt for blood both to strengthen themselves and stave off the gnawing hunger of undeath. Features include the ability to customize the player’s vampiric castle, invite their friends to join their sanguine coterie, and convert humans into fellow vampires to strengthen their hold. The full game will include real-time combat, with both PvP and PvE elements.

Of course, the sun, your mortal enemy, works hard to foil your plots. You’ll need to keep out of it, lest you risk burning up. all the while, they’ll build up their castle, strengthening it from attacks from other would-be vampire lords. V Rising will also feature an open-world packed with creatures, other players, and hostile humans. Players can hunt alone or recruit allies to better defend their macabre manors. All the while, they’ll gain new powers and wield ever more terrifying weapons and armor to terrorize and subjugate their human prey.

V Rising Screenshot
V Rising takes inspiration from sources ranging from classic literature to Netflix’s Castlevania series.

At the moment, you can sign up for the upcoming Beta and newsletter on the official site. V Rising also has a Steam Store page up. Other games by Stunlock Studios includes Battlerite, a “team arena brawler” with quick, skill-based matches, and the canceled Dead Island: Epidemic, which blended MOBA and PvE elements as well as PvPvPvE matches. The studio tends to specialize in multiplayer battle and arena games.

You can check out the trailer on the official Stunlock Studios YouTube channel, or watch it above. Naturally, V Rising is still in development and much of its content is subject to change. Be sure to check back here with us or subscribe to their offiical newsletter for the latest on its development.

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