The Uncertain Gets Some Certainty With Long-Awaited Chapter 2

New Game Order, formerly known as CommonGames, announced today the release of the next upcoming chapter for The Uncertain. The first chapter, The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day, was an interesting story about a robot trying to learn about humanity’s extinction. This new chapter, Light at the End, has you playing a human fugitive in the same world, trying to live within this hopeless situation.

The Uncertain: Light at the End takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. “Humankind has disappeared. Robots rule the Earth now.” USS Robotics, the company churning out the machine men, has an authoritarian grip on society, intent to prevent the robots from making humanity’s same mistakes. This, of course, involves removing all remaining humans.

You play as Emily, a human on the run. In The Uncertain: Light at the End you will work together with some of the robots sympathetic to your cause—including the protagonist from the previous chapter—to save the last few surviving humans.

The release date for this latest chapter will be October 8th on PC. You can try a demo for The Uncertain: Light at the End on their Steam page by clicking here.

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