The Outer Worlds: Peril On Gorgon DLC Is A Retrofuturistic Cosmic Noir, Three Descriptors That Go Well Together

As part of the Xbox Showcase Event, Obsidian announced the first of two story based DLCs for The Outer Worlds. Players had long suspected more content was on the way, but arriving over nine months after the initial release, this announcement was still a bit of a surprise. But a welcome one! Any more content to let us explore the final frontier is certainly something to look forward to. 

The Outer Worlds takes place in the Halcyon System, a galaxy that happens to be far far away. You play as the reawakened passenger from the Hope, a ship carrying colonists in stasis which went off course and was lost in space. Arriving in Halcyon you find things are not all too great, as rival corporations are tearing the space society apart. As is to be expected in an Obsidian game, you need to go out into the world(s), make some friends, kill some non-friends, and save the day.

But that’s the main game. We’re talking about the DLC. The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon does not actually happen on an outer world, but on an outer asteroid. This massive asteroid is home to the Gorgon Project, a factory that produces a mysterious product called Adrena-Time. Peril on Gorgon takes on a noir style of storytelling, where this pulpy narrative of a sinister space base is more an investigation than a battle. But fear not, combat is sure to be a big part of it. In addition to all kinds of new weapons and armors, Gorgon is home to “warped” aliens, whatever the hell that means. 

The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon will be arriving to PS4, PC, and Xbox One on September 9th. For more information, you can check out their website by clicking here

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