The Black Heart Brings Horror Fighting to Steam Next Week

While Mortal Kombat may be the king of bloody fighters, we never get to see horror monsters battling it out. However this will change on October 22nd when The Black Heart hits Steam’s Early Access after ten years in development.

Entirely made by Argentinian film director AndrĂ©s Borghi, The Black Heart has been a one-man project that was originally released for Mugen in 2009. However you can’t keep a good game obscure forever, and next week it’ll hit Steam thanks to publisher Saibot Studios, the team behind Hellbound and the Doorways series. It’ll come with some improvements as well, including better visuals and audio.

If you haven’t heard of The Black Heart before, this is a 1v1 fighting game where you play as one of six horrifying monsters looking to claim power after a vicious king has his heart ripped out. Playable characters include a child wearing a mask with a knife, a giant worm, a Japanese-styled ghost, a woman who is also a spider, and more. The game is entering Early Access while it gets polished, noting that it’ll have two of six chapters for story mode. The goal is to have a seventh character and all six chapters of the story available for the full launch in two or three months.

If you want to grab The Black Heart then you can add it to your Steam wishlist here.

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