The Ascent Launching in Late July

The Ascent will come to Xbox consoles and the PC on July 29, according to London-based publisher Curve Digital. It will be the first title developed by Neon Giant, a Swedish indie studio. The Ascent is coming to the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Xbox Game Pass users can also pick it up through the program.

Set in a sci-fi cyberpunk world, The Ascent is an action-shooter RPG built for both solo and co-op play. It aims for smooth 60 fps gameplay, and the Xbox Series X will feature full 4K support. Players enter “The Ascent Group” arcology. This self-contained metropolis features towering skyscrapers and is stocked with creatures all across the galaxy. Euphemistically considered an “indentured worker,” things start to go wrong for the player when The Ascent Group shuts down. Other corporations and crime syndicates move in, intent on a hostile takeover. Arm yourselves, and drive them off with whatever is at hand.

The Ascent Combat Screenshot
The tactical bubble has been deployed. The Expanse will feature all sorts of tools to defend yourselves.

The Ascent includes free-roam play in a dystopian cyberpunk environment. Cyberware, augmentations, and good old-fashioned looting help build the character. There’s a lot of verticality as well, making the game world more expansive. A mechanic called “double-aim” will utilize the full screen, letting players quickly discern between multiple targets. Its story allows both single-player and co-op modes with up to four players.

Curve Digital works with studios across the world to publish games. Titles published by the company include For The King, Bomber Crew, Flame in the Flood, Autonauts, and Human Fall Flat. Neon Giant is a small 12-person studio with veteran game developers on its team. Members have worked on AAA games such as Bulletstorm, Gears of War, and Wolfenstein. The Ascent will be the studio’s first project developed as a team. Don’t forget to watch the trailer up above, and PC players can Wishlist The Ascent on Steam now. There’s a small pre-purchase discount if you’re already sold, as well.

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