Tarzan VR Is A Cacophony Of Chaos

This is without a doubt the peak of current VR technology. It may very well be the apotheosis of VR, period. Tarzan VR is an upcoming episodic game by Fun Train. In it you play as none other than Tarzan, the King of the Jungle. 

What does it mean to be Tarzan in Tarzan VR? It means brachiating and rope swinging through the rainforest. It means climbing the jungle canopy and diving into the seas. And most importantly, it means defending your treehouse and all the trees around it from the invading threats, using spears, bows, knives, and your gorilla-like human fists.

Tarzan VR does not yet have a release date. But for more information, you can visit the Fun Train website by clicking here. And to wishlist the game on Steam, click the link here

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