Super Bernie World Brings The Bernie Journey To The Mushroom Kingdom

Here at DreadXP, we try to bring you the finest in horror, horror-adjacent, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, and dark fantasy. And if you don’t think the current political climate falls into at least one of those categories, then I don’t even know how to talk to you. I’m currently in phase three of my Coronavirus, but unfortunately cannot verify that claim as I am traveling and the current state insurance plan I’m on doesn’t allow me to see doctors outside of Arizona. Fun fact: if I want access to the medicines I need to function, I have to be in Phoenix. Which I’m presently only in a few days out of the month. Oh, sure, I can schedule to have all my prescriptions filled when I’m in town. That is if the pharmacy/doctor’s office doesn’t fuck up. And they neeeeeever fuck up. I’m about at the point where I’m praying for the downfall of civilization. At least Lord Humungus has a clear and consistent policy on the distribution of gasoline and human hood ornaments.

And that’s not even mentioning all of the other issues plaguing our society (pick one, make your own political compass meme, have a blast). So when I saw that someone was adding a bit of levity to the true World of Horror that is our political system, I couldn’t help but share it. Releasing today on Steam and for free, Super Bernie World puts you in the shoes of the beloved (or reviled, whatever) Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The game is a pretty clear Super Mario World ripoff, but thanks to the glory of socialism copyright is no longer a concern.

To be clear, I do not give a flying fuck if you’re a Bernie Sander supporter or not. I wrote an article a month ago about Donald Trump buying the Death Note. If you cannot see the humor in a digital Bernie Sanders powering up on Vermont cheddar cheese and stomping on Mitch McConnell Koopa Troopas, you are so far gone down the road of political partisanship that you can no longer be classified as a person. You are a living strawman that exists only to serve to deliver extremely hyperbolic Twitter caption screenshots to the subreddits of your opposition.

If this image rustles your jimmies, then you are a weak person.

If you want to try out this adorable little romp, go ahead and check it out over on That way you can just run it in your browser and not have it show up in your Steam purchase history. Wouldn’t want all your BASED friends to know you’re a closet communist.

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