Southern Style Text-Based Horror Beyond The Veil Releases Harrowing New Voice Acting Samples

Upcoming horror game Beyond the Veil released a new “Behind the Scenes” video recently. In it we see voice actor Erika Ishii, who you may recognize as Ana from Destiny 2, Zapple from Shantae and the Seven Sirens, and most importantly (at least to me), Jun-Jun from Sailor Moon. In this video, she debuts a few truly horrific voice samples from the game.

A text-based horror developed by Sun’s Shadow Studios, Beyond the Veil is a little known title first brought to my attention by this article from Rely on Horror (thank you!). As described in the article and on the Steam page, in Beyond the Veil you take up the role of Kara, college dropout who moves to New Orleans. While exploring the city she encounters whispers of the past; voodoo, spirits (the ghosts), spirits (the alcohol), and more. With over 18 different endings, her choices are critical, and as you can hear in the voice samples, they may very well be life and death.

There is no release date yet, but you can check out Beyond the Veil and wishlist the game on Steam by clicking here.

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