Song of Horror Coming to Consoles This May

PC survival horror title Song of Horror (Steam) is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next month. On May 28, console players can experience the terrifying experience for themselves.

Players take on the role of several investigators looking into a famous author’s disappearance. Sebastian P. Husher and his entire family vanished, seemingly overnight. Song of Horror includes strong Lovecraftian vibes and uses classic Resident Evil-inspired fixed camera angles. Take control of thirteen different characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Be careful, though, as characters who fall to the unspeakable Presence are gone for good. In classic Lovecraftian fashion, however, someone new is always available to take their place (unless you’ve been throwing their lives away).

In fact, The Presence in Song of Horror adapts to playstyles with new threats and monsters. Coupled with fallen characters occasionally refusing to stay dead, it makes every playthrough unique. Where it appears, how often, and the form it takes varies from game to game and chapter to chapter. The original PC release took place over five episodes, the fifth and currently last released last May. Consoles, however, can expect the entire five-part game all at once.

The Presence is a mysterious evil entity hell-bent on your destruction.

Even compared to other survival horror titles, the protagonists struggle to defend themselves against The Presence. Song of Horror instead focuses on running and hiding from it. The Presence’s advanced AI means that it will come at the player in unexpected and frightening ways. Each of the five maps features different challenges and clues to uncover. Characters that die leave their possessions behind, and others will take up the torch. Episodes feature an antique shop, an abandoned abbey, a dilapidated, crumbling mental hospital, and, of course, a mansion.

Song of Horror is published by Raiser Games, which has published over 200 titles. Based in Madrid, developer Protocol Games has spent the past five years developing Song of Horror to bring fear to life. Be sure to check out their console announcement trailer above.

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