Sci-Fi ARPG Hellpoint Releasing April 16th

Will there ever be enough souls-like games? I know people love to argue about whether there are too many souls-likes or if souls-like should even be a term. As someone who plays souls-likes as if they were a new flavor of crack, I think the term is a great way to describe my drug of choice. I’m happy to keep playing them as long as developers come out with fun new settings for them.

I actually just recently had a chance to play Hellpoint at PAX South. You can find my overall recap here. While I loved the tone and setting, I was worried that a lot of the polish and complex mechanics were absent. Then again, the demo I played was just the start of the game. If I were to judge Dark Souls on just Undead Burg, I’d be complaining about the lack of lava demons and spiders with boobs. So does the final build of Hellpoint have all sorts of mammaried arachnids? We won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

Today’s trailer from developer Cradle Games and publisher tinyBuild reveals Hellpoint‘s release date as April 16th. Oh, and if any of you are going to give me shit about calling it a Souls-like, it’s one of the tags they use on their YouTube video. There, debate solved forever. If you’re not familiar and are too lazy to read my recap article, Hellpoint is a dark sci-fi Souls-like in spaaaaaace! Hellpoint sets itself apart with the Quantic system, which tracks how close you are to a black hole on a 21-hour cycle. The closer you are, the more dangerous shit will be. The more dangerous it is, the more secrets can be uncovered. It’s up to you to brave the depths as you please.

Hellpoint will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. No word yet on the official price. If you want to wishlist the game or learn more, click here to check out the Steam store page.

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