S.C.A.R. Announcement Trailer Shows That Quake Style Combat Can Only Be Improved By Adding A Grappling Hook

Developer Savage Studios announced recently that their retro shooter S.C.A.R. will soon be coming to early access. S.C.A.R. “shamelessly gives an approving nostalgic nod to the epic shooters of yesteryear where many an FPS fan cut their teeth,” such as Quake and Doom. Adding to the fast paced FPS formula, S.C.A.R. gives players a dash that sends the character probably 30 feet and also a grappling hook. 

S.C.A.R., which stands for “Simulating Carnage And Rockets,” is a game that does just that. Nonstop fighting against hordes of mutants and monsters, S.C.A.R. seeks only to capture that classic shooter feeling. There doesn’t seem to be much narrative going on here, but then again, why should there be? The story is you have a gun that needs shooting and monsters need to be shot. How’s that. 

The first episode for S.C.A.R. will be arriving to Steam in early access on June 25th.  For more information or to wishlist the game, you can check out their page here.

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