RockGame Announces Base Management and RPG Vampire Clans

Developer and publisher RockGame announced their latest game yesterday. Vampire Clans is an upcoming strategy and RPG game which stars vampires, appropriately enough.

Players take control of a wannabe vampire lord. They’ll start in the Parisian underground, slowly building up their base of nighttime terrors. Grow the base, collect blood to nourish yourself and your clan, and hunt the streets at night.

Vampire Clans Base Management
Anyone familiar with base management games should pick up on the basics quickly enough for this part of Vampire Clans.

Other features include smooth fights. Using their vampiric powers, players can play out the fights in slow motion. This allows them to easily turn the tide in their favor and outmaneuver their opponents. They’ll need to take advantage of magic, weapons, alchemy, and all sorts of special skills to take down their foes. Defeating other clans lets you kill them, or recruit them to your cause for your own purposes. Skill trees let you customize your vampires from fledglings to the stuff of nightmares.

Thanks to the ability to slow down time and plan, you should be able to overcome your obstacles with ease.

Other games by RockGame include a number of other management sims, as well. Fans of their other works such as their upcoming Blacksmith Legends or Pirate Commander may want to check out Vampire Clans. The Polish company, based in Warsaw, has also published Scrapnaut (a base-building steampunk survival game developed by SpiffyBit). There is no estimate of a release date, but you can currently Wishlist Vampire Clans on Steam. Be sure to follow its Steam Store page as well, so that you can be privy to all the latest news and whispering in from the dark.

RockGame also uploaded a trailer, which you can see above or check out on their official YouTube channel.

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