Resolutiion Switch Announcement Trailer Shows Alice In Wonderland Meets Cyberpunk Future

Deck13 had a new announcement in the form of a trailer for their top down action game Resolutiion. The dev team, Monolith of Minds, which I am told is a pair of “two angry Germans,” have been secretly creating a version of their game for the Nintendo Switch. The new trailer for Resolutiion shows the protagonist fighting their way through both a dark cyberpunk world, as well as a weird forest area. The art style is great and the music is even better. 

Resolutiion, per the press release’s description, is a game about an “old killer escorting a curious AI to infiltrate a terrorist network.” Seems cyberpunk-y enough. But when one thinks of cyberpunk, rarely do they imagine a large talking mushroom straight out of a fantasy game, nor do they think of a massive cat pursuing the player like some kind of Dune worm. The mesh of genres and environments has certainly piqued my interest, and a surreal universe where reality is not what it seems is a fantastic premise for any game. Who wouldn’t want to shoot ents with a laser minigun? And just listen to that extremely hype music. 

Resolutiion will be available on the Switch, Windows, Mac, and Linux on May 28th. For more information, you can check out their website by clicking here. And, you can wishlist the game and try the demo on Steam by clicking here

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