Postal: Brain Damaged is Basically Sucker Punch for the Postal Guy

While its been a while since it was at its peak, the Postal series has been seeing a reemergence thanks to the general well liked Postal 4: No Regerts. Now there’s a new way to experience the universe with Postal: Brain Damaged.

Unlike other Postal games, which generally put you in an open world and allow you to tackle a list of tasks in a way you see fit, Postal: Brain Damaged instead is a fast-paced level based FPS where you’ll be gunning down all sorts of unconventional enemies. In the trailer we get to see the Postal guy move through what appears to be a retirement home, doing battle with old people that throw plungers at him and attempt karate kicks. We get to see a few weapons, like the classic double barreled shotgun and a clown-themed rocket launcher, and there certainly is quite a bit of fast-paced action to spare.

Despite this, Brain Damaged looks like it’s keeping weird and immature Postal humor. One scene has the postal guy peeing all over the place while shooting at enemies. Another has him at, naturally, Area 69 where he can’t fight a giant alien because his shotgun gets jammed. The “boss” of the demo appears to be some guy in a wheelchair pleasuring himself. If this is your kind of humor, and you want to go fast and shoot faster, this may be the game for you.

Unlike other Postal games, Brain Damaged will only be published by Running With Scissors. It’s being co-developed by CreativeForge Games, who put out games like Hard West and Phantom Doctrine, and Hyperstrange, who put out Elderborn. You can add the game to your Steam wishlist now.

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