Post-Apocalyptic Platformer HAAK Coming Soon To Early Access

Lightning Games announced today that their upcoming game Haak will be released into Steam Early Access soon. Created by developer Blingame, Haak is a retro metroidvania with hardcore platforming and combat. The Early Access version will give players the ability to try out the first three chapters, which will include several quests, bosses, and other challenges.

Haak follows a mysterious lone wanderer exploring a desolate “oriental wasteland.” There is very little information about the story right now, but what we see paints a fantastic picture. Hub locations full of people as well as numerous enemy types roaming the wastes, this cloaked stranger fights through tunnels and ruins with a mix of martial arts and powerful technology.

Haak will be arriving sometime in Q3 of 2020. You can wishlist the game on Steam by clicking here.

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