Pixelated Horror Platformer Inmost Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch Soon

It’s always great to see a game hit more platforms. If you’ve been using Apple Arcade you may have noticed horror platformer Inmost as one of the games you can nab. You may have even played it and wished for something other than touch screen support! Soon, you can have what you wish for, as Inmost hits PC and Switch on August 21st.

Inmost follows three different characters, specifically a knight, a little girl, and a middle-aged man, as they all must deal with monsters while in a weird nightmare world. Each character has unique gameplay, and they all tie into each other in the game’s plot. You’ll have to use items, like a hook shot and scythe, to help solve puzzles and avoid the monsters you’ll be dealing with. All of this is wrapped up in some absolutely lovely art, which really makes the game stand out.

The game came out last year as an Apple Arcade exclusive title, but now Switch and PC gamers will get a chance to try it. The game has been updated to add more to it as well, including some new story content and puzzles to solve. There’s also improved weather effects, something that should make the rainy nights look even better than before. If you have Cousarr keyboards with iCUE lighting software, the keyboards will also react dynamically to your game, something that can really help get you in the moment.

If this sounds like your jam, you can add Inmost to your Steam wishlist here.

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