[PAX East 2020] Metamorphosis Interview w/ Yashar Dehaghani

What makes a man a man? Is it our arms, legs, vestigial appendages and bodily trappings that define us? Is not a man without such faculty still a man? And if a man does replace those missing bits with various tools and constructs, is he not still a man? We would never consider a crippled veteran confined to a wheelchair any less of a person. And what is the wheelchair other than manufactured legs? And would he not choose a more lifelike alternative if possible? Would he not take the legs of a dog or even… a bug? At what point of replacement are we stripped of personhood? When can we consider one to be no more than a bug? Or is it when we consider ourselves a bug? Metamorphosis is a game based on the works of Franz Kafka about the finer points of transforming into an insect.

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