Olija Allows You To Throw a Teleporting Harpoon, If That’s Your Jam

Today the one-man metroidvania project Olija has launched, giving you a chance to try throwing a teleporting harpoon.

You’ll play as Faraday, a man who finds himself shipwrecked in the country of Terraphage. Unfortunately, his crew seems to be missing. Thankfully he does get one boon: a magic harpoon that he can throw. More importantly, after thrown, Faraday can teleport to this harpoon. You’ll need to use this to get through the game’s various challenges, monsters, and platforming. If you’re good enough you may even pick up a few new boons with which to save your crew with.

Perhaps what makes the game so impressive though is that it’s a one-man project. Created by Thomas Olsson, the game features some rather impressive work for a single person. There’s a real joy in watching the player throw the harpoon, teleport to it, and then smack the enemy around. Likewise, the game has some pretty excellent looking cutscenes, and manages to get quite a bit of emotion out of its pixel art.

If it’s your jam, Olija can be grabbed right now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. There’s also a demo currently available.

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