Now You Too Can Become Haunted Ps1 Mascot Skully

Haunted Ps1 mascot Skully is already great, but now you can become Skully thanks to a Snapchat filter.

Created by Sauna 2000 developer Amos, (who also worked on Nice Screams at the Funfair for Dread X Collection 3!) the filter is rather simple. It turns your head into Skully, the beloved mascot of Haunted Ps1. Apparently, it only took a few hours to make. As noted in the replies, we’re probably not too far from Skully becoming a vtuber. That’s a future I’d love to see.

If you haven’t heard of Haunted Ps1 before, it’s a community that attempts to create horror games in the style of PlayStation 1 games. They got a lot of notice last year after releasing the Haunted Ps1 Demo Disk, a collection of several demos for upcoming games. Since then they’ve also hosted a virtual event called EEK3, a special horror-game based advent calendar called The Madvent Calendar, and will be putting out another demo disk this year.

While you download Skully to your phone, make sure you check out the developer on Twitter to learn more about Sauna 2000.

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