Nexus Mod Adds Bloodborne Combat to Dark Souls III

The question of which Souls game is the best is really no contest. The answer is unequivocally Bloodborne. It is as close to a flawless game as you can possibly get. But following the fantastic Bloodborne was the somewhat disappointing Dark Souls III. Perhaps our expectations were too high, or perhaps there is some merit in the rumor that Hidetaka Miyazaki was forced to continue the series after he wished to stop, and his souls were not really in it (lmao). In any case, Dark Souls III did not live up to its predecessor. Thankfully, modders have been hard at work to remedy this. 

On April 3rd, someone by the name of ASASASASASBC, also known as Forsakensilver (and also 遗忘的银灵, I think), uploaded the Hunter’s Combat mod to Nexus. This is one of many mods by Forsakensilver that brings content from Bloodborne into Dark Souls III. While the previous were mostly aesthetic changes—hunter garb, Lady Maria skin, stuff like that—this latest mod brings a lot more. Two trick weapons, the threaded cane and Ludwig’s Holy Blade, are not only usable in Dark Souls III, but retain full transformation functionality. Additionally, the Evelyn firearm has been added, and with it the ability to parry and perform visceral attacks on humanoid foes. 

The Hunter’s Combat mod is available only for PC players but shows a lot of potential. Forsakensilver seems to have a number of other added features planned, including the hunter’s axe and rakuyo. Hopefully, he will add some enemies, perhaps even some Bloodborne bosses, to Dark Souls III. Eventually, he might even be able to add NPCs or even environments. Basically my hope is that he turns Dark Souls III entirely into Bloodborne. If you’d like to try it out, you can find it here.

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