New Silent Hill Expansion Announced For Dead By Daylight Lets You Play As Cheryl Mason And Pyramid Head

Dead by Daylight has just announced their latest upcoming DLC. For those who have not played, Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric multiplayer game where a team of survivors is trapped in a map, hunted by a powerful killer. Using stealth, unlockable perks, and hopefully some teamwork, the survivors work together to escape with their lives. Alternatively, if you play as the killer, you must ensure that they do not escape. 

Dead by Daylight has announced two new Silent Hill characters for the game. Cheryl Mason, in her alter ego as Heather, is the latest addition to the survivors, sporting her appearance from Silent Hill 3. As for the new killer, The Executioner, better known as Pyramid Head, joins the cast. The trailer does not show any gameplay, nor does it clue us in as to what new perks these two characters will have. This expansion brings the total to 21 survivors and 19 killers for you to play as. IGN has uploaded this ten minute gameplay video that gives us a better idea of what to expect. While we still do not see what perks Cheryl will have, we now know that The Executioner’s primary ability is summoning a long column of barbed wire in order to immobilize targets and finish them off. Pyramid Head also displays an ability where he appears to teleport Cheryl into a hook trap. The new map will be in the Silent Hill elementary school and looks fairly large compared to others. Unfortunately, this gameplay video does not show much else.

This latest announcement comes just two months after their recent Chains Of Hate expansion, the wild west content with a murderous cowboy who uses a harpoon gun. Like other Dead by Daylight DLCs that add a new survivor, killer and map, the content will likely be $6.99, though there is no official price yet. 

Dead by Daylight is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. For more information about Dead by Daylight and the Silent Hill content, you can check out their website by clicking here

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