Mutant Chronicles Card Game Doomtrooper CCG Enters Early Access

After several months of testing, Doomtrooper CCG has entered Early Access on Steam. Created by friend-of-the-Dread, Secret Cow Level, Doomtrooper CCG is a full conversion of the original card game. The digital version is being developer in conjunction with the original designer Bryan Winters, features “gameplay based on the 90’s Doomtrooper CCG, but re-imagined with a modern flair. Relive your nostalgia for a classic card game!”

For those who are unaware, Doomtrooper is perhaps the one tabletop game more over-the-top than Warhammer 40k. Based on the Mutant Chronicles pen and paper RPG, the universe of Doomtrooper takes place after Earth has been abandoned. Megacorporations supersede governments and spread across the solar system, competing for dominance. Space marine Brits, heavily armored cybersamurai, and World War 15 vets are just a few of the factions you can expect in the Doomtrooper canon.

But if that sounds part and parcel for cyberpunk futuristic worldbuilding, I encourage you to look up the incredible Mutant Chronicles artwork by the legendary Paul Bonner to give you an idea of what this game is all about. And you can try out Doomtrooper CCG for free and see all the fantastic art of the original cards by clicking here.

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