Monstrum 2 Proves It’s Not Always Better Down Where It’s Wetter

Look, I don’t want anyone to tell Ariel she was right or anything, but it turns out Sebastian may have not been totally honest when he was singing Under the Sea. If there’s one thing you can expect to see under the sea, it’s horrible monsters. Such is the case with Monstrum 2, the upcoming 4v1 multiplayer horror game by Team Junkfish. It turns out the last place you want to be trapped with a man eating monster is out at sea, but that’s exactly where you are. So you’re either going to be working together in an effort to escape alive, or trying to hunt down the humans to make sure no one makes it out of the sea fortress.

As a multiplayer game, the four humans will have to work together. There are items they can find to help fight back against the monster, but at most all that’s going to do is buy them a few precious seconds. If they want to escape alive, stealth is going to be far more important than combat. Along the way, they’ll need to solve puzzles or remove obstacles so they can advance further into the fortress. Just don’t think you can keep replaying the game and know what to do, as the fortress will be randomized each playthrough and provide all new challenges.

But who wants to play as humans anyway? The fifth player takes control of the monster itself and needs to hunt down the other players. There’s several different monsters to choose from, each of them based off of failed deep-sea experiments and will have their own powers. Some can smash things, others lay traps, and some even teleport. You’ll need to make use of these abilities if you want to kill all humans, as any good monster should want to do.

Looking to get your hands on the game? While it may not be releasing until later this year, you can get into the closed beta. Closed beta sign-ups can be found on Team Junkfish’s website. and it may give you a chance to try Monstrum 2 before the general public. If you’re into these sorts of asymmetrical multiplayer horror games then this is certainly one you’re going to want to try out. If you haven’t had a chance to play the original yet, it also just hit consoles recently, which is pretty rad.

Monstrum 2 is set to hit Early Access this fall, and you can add the game to your wishlist here. It’s being developed by Team Junkfish, who also put out the original Monstrum along with the turn-based tactical shooter Attack of the Earthlings.

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