Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Getting Crossover Mission With Movie

If you’re excited for the upcoming Monster Hunter movie, you can get an early look at it soon. Starting on December 4th, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be getting a special crossover event.

The crossover event will be broken into two missions, and during these missions you’ll get to play as Artemis, Milla Jovoich’s character from the films. In a nice touch, Milla will be voicing her character in the game as well. For the first mission you’ll have to hunt down the Black Diablos seen in trailers for the movie. The follow-up quest will have Artemis fighting a Greater Rathalos, which is always a fun time.

This isn’t the first time Monster Hunter World has done cross-over events. In the past they’ve teamed up with other Capcom franchises, such as Resident Evil or Street Fighter to add more content, both quests and cosmetics, to their game. Additionally they’ve occasionally broken out of the Capcom bubble, with Sony’s open world exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn also showing up for a crossover event in the game.

You can grab Monster Hunter World: Iceborne right now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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