League Of Legends Fiddlesticks Rework Brings Real Horror To The Lanes Of Runeterra

Wow, I can’t believe this. 11 years after the release of Fiddlesticks, Riot Games is finally updating the classic character. I used to play League of Legends in college WAY too much (a right of passage for all young gamers), and mained 4 characters: Warwick, Taric, Amumu, and Fiddlesticks. This is back when there were just over 40 characters. While two of those characters have gotten reworks, Fiddlesticks has remained largely unchanged aside from some minor tweaks. As the game marches on year after year, the inevitable powercreep of new champions means these classics characters have to be periodically revisited and buffed. As the roster has now bloated to just under 150 combatants, this has become a monumental task. The ceaseless tide of changes is eventually what caused me to drop off of the game (there was a jungle change like 8 years ago and I just didn’t want to relearn my routes). Still, I can rejoice that my one-time favorite haunted scarecrow is back and spookier than ever.

As you can tell from the trailer above, the Fiddlesticks rework isn’t just mechanical. I won’t get into all of his new abilities, as I’m way too out of the meta have any real thoughts on how his kit has changed. Just watch the video above and make your own calls. What I really want to talk about today is his stylistic change. Fiddlesticks is the remnant of an age when League of Legends was a joke. I don’t mean that derisively. At the onset, the game had a far more whimsical tone. Fiddlesticks was a cursed scarecrow whose name became the most cursed word in all the land. So “fiddlesticks” was the worst swear word in all of Runeterra. Haha, get it? Because that’s what people say to not swear. Over the years, the game has gotten way more serious. Almost every character has been rewritten to be part of a this sweeping epic narrative. Despite getting a lore redo, the character of Fiddlesticks was still this goofy prancing cartoon scarecrow. As we can see, that has changed.

This is especially accentuated with his new voice lines. Featured on the SkinSpotlight channel, over 10 minutes of ethereal whispers have been subtitled for your listening pleasure. Check it out:

If you want to check out the reworked Fiddlesticks, you can play League of Legends now for free by clicking here.

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