Konami’s Official Word On Recent Silent Hills Rumors

No, they are not happening. Sorry folks. It looks like the articles after articles of speculation keeping sites alive with traffic in these uncertain times were all hogwash. After weeks and weeks of rumors and “insiders” claiming special information on shockingly developed projects and nebulous vaporware, Konami has let us know it’s not happening. In a statement released to big mac daddy of all the rumors Rely on Horror, the Konami US PR rep has this to say:

We’re aware of all the rumors and reports but can confirm that they are not true. I know it’s not the answer your fans may want to hear.

The Rely on Horror article goes on to state that the reply is vague enough to leave some wiggle room. According to them, the Konami US rep also stated that Konami isn’t done with the franchise. They just aren’t pursuing it in the ways currently rumored. We already knew they were working on more Silent Hill projects in general from Christophe Gans’ comments that he’s working on a third film. Plus, they can always make more pachinko machines (featured above). That all being said, it’s very unlikely that these rumors are actually true, and Konami is just lying. It’s one thing to ignore the rumor mill and just not answer questions. It’s an entirely other thing to flatly deny that a project exists.

If I seem glib in this article, it’s only because I’m salty. I’m a fan. I want more Silent Hills games. I’m just tired of the constant drive for the hottest new takes. To be clear, I’m not sitting from a moral high ground on this one. I too covered Rely on Horror/AestheticGamer’s rumors a couple of weeks ago. And about Normal Reedus saying he’s doing, “a thing,” just a few days before that. As much as I hate being an ever grinding gear in the internet rumors machine, I can’t really call myself a horror site and be the only one not reporting on new Silent Hills info. There were a few I skipped, like one article recapping a dude on 4chan saying he works for Konami and the rumors are real.

Hopefully, Konami’s statement will calm the waters for a while. Is this the last Silent Hills rumor article I’ll ever write? Unlikely. It’s very clear that the rivers that keep the rumor mills turning flow from the lapping tongues of hungry fans. P.T. and Silent Hills left too big a hole in gaming to be forgotten anytime soon. And rumors can be fun. But like thin mints and crack cocaine, let’s remember to take them in moderation next time.

Not pachinko, though. Play that shit till you can’t pay rent.
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