Jill Joins Resistance In New Resident Evil 3 Trailer

It’s almost here! Resident Evil 3 is right around the corner. And to push the hype train along through this final junction, the good people at Capcom have released a new trailer. And man, does this one have some juicy stuff in it.

First and foremost, the reveal that Jill will be a playable character in Resident Evil Resistance. This one we could have predicted, as Resistance is the multiplayer mode for Resident Evil 3. With each character bringing their own unique strengths to the mode, I’m curious how they will make Jill The Tyrant Slayer balanced with the rest of the cast. I’d pay real money for an RE5 Chris DLC character that just crushes zombie skulls in his massive biceps.

Attentive fans will also notice that a lot of the footage in the trailer is new gameplay. We get to see some more interactions between Carlos and Jill, as well as our first glimpses of the underground science lab that by law must be part of every Resident Evil game. You’ll want to wait until the end, as we also get to see our first shot of Nemesis in his advanced state. Very much looking forward to being chased by that hulking monstrosity…

Resident Evil 3 is launching April 3rd on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One for $60. If you want to grab it for PC, click here to find the game on Steam.

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