Indie Roguelite Deckbuilder A Long Way Down Releases On Steam Early Access January 16th

For the past few years, life has been good for fans of niche genres. We got Slay the Spire for fans of fast-paced deckbuilders. Hand of Fate 1 & 2 was a dream for fans of longer RPG deckbuilders. Hell, even match-3 games got some love with The Legend of Bum-bo. It’s funny to think that some games like The Darkest Dungeon turned their genre mainstream. Now there are a zillion hardcore side-scrolling RPG dungeon crawlers of various quality. And just like the board games that inspired them, fans are always rabid for more. So if you’re a fan of Hand of Fate and Slay the Spire, let me show you A Long Way Down.

A Long Way Down is a new game by Seenapsis Studios and published by Goblinz. The game doesn’t hide it’s influences, and clearly states at the top of the Steam store page that the game, “draws inspiration from hits like Darkest Dungeon, Slay the Spire and Hand of Fate.” But hey, why fake it. Those games were solid, and it’s not like they invited the idea of using cards to battle monsters. You’ll play as Sam, an adventurer trapped in the dungeon of a malicious entity known as the mastermind. You’ll explore tiles and collect loot and cards to upgrade yourself. The twist with A Long Way Down is that you’ll encounter other adventurers whom you can either recruit to your team or gank for fat loot.

So, how will A Long Way Down‘s team mechanic work? Not exactly sure. With games like this (basically board games with graphics), gimmicks are usually secondary to solid balance and mechanics. As to whether the mechanics are balanced and solid, we’ll have to find out together. The only real gameplay I could find was in French.

So when A Long Way Down launches into Early Access on January 16th, we can find out together. The game will be available with 2-3 hours of content, 40 cards, and 3 characters. No word yet as to the price. You can click here to check out the Steam store page and add it to your Wishlist.

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