In Sound Mind Launching This August

Starting August 3, players can play upcoming psychological thriller In Sound Mind on multiple consoles. Publisher Modus Games announced it will come to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC this summer. Players can download the Steam demo now. The announcement came only this morning.

A first-person perspective amplifies the tension of In Sound Mind. Players fend off the dangers of memories while they stir in their minds. Developed by We Create Stuff (Nightmare House 2), players will solve puzzles, juggle mechanics and weapons, and even engage in boss fights. They’ll also explore various disquieting stories with their own rules and terror. Creatures stalk the player up until their final encounter, making every movement and encounter nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing. Armed with a flashlight and maybe a pistol, even your own mind is a place of lurking danger.

In Sound Mind Glass Reflection
Use a variety of tools to solve puzzles in In Sound Mind. What could you need this particularly reflective shard of glass for?

The Living Tombstone provides the soundtrack, with a wide variety of tracks to suit the mood. Each story will feature its own distinctive song. Tackle eerie sentient mannequins and befriend a cat (which you can, in fact, pet). In Sound Mind definitely carries an industrial vibe throughout its promotional material. The screenshots feature lots of metal and rust, along with a number of storerooms. There are plenty of lockers (both for clothes and for meat), abandoned trucks, televisions with creepy eyes plastered on the screens, and more as well. Desolate nature scenes also make small appearances in the trailer.

Be sure to add In Sound Mind to your Steam Wishlist, and check out the new trailer. Other titles published by Modus Games include cat-and-mouse Remothered: Broken Porcelain and multiplayer puzzle platformer Trine 4. While In Sound Mind is the first official standalone game release for sale from developer We Create Stuff, they are the developers of the Nightmare House 2 freeware.

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