Haunted PS1 Christmas Event The Madvent Calendar Begins Today

Time for some holiday cheer some holiday fear. Indie horror community Haunted PS1 has a Christmas gift for us today. Now available is The Madvent Calendar, a month-long event with 24 mini horror games, in the form of a virtual advent calendar.

In the spirit of advent calendars, one game will be unlocked per day in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Starting today. The bad news is that unlike a real advent calendar, in The Madvent Calendar you can’t pop open each section and eat the chocolates all at once.

The first treat you can eat in The Madvent Calendar is by developer Pastasfuture. Best known for Lead Habit and Orange County, their game today, RIP, is in the similar style of pixelated first-person walking game. The main gameplay feature of this one is that you can rip apart curtains to travel around. Hopefully, there’s nothing behind them.

You can download The Madvent Calendar on itch.io by clicking here. A full list of developers will be available on the game’s page. And be sure to follow Haunted PS1 on Twitter by clicking here.

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