Gorn Releases New Trailer For PSVR Release Showing Brutal And Silly Melee Combat

Devolver Digital announced today that their physics-based gladiatorial title Gorn is now available on Playstation VR. Gorn is a simple but very fun premise, where you play as a combatant in the big-huge-angry-muscle-boy arena. With a crowd of unruly and bloodthirsty disembodied heads to please, you must use all kinds of goofy weapons at your disposal to be the last muscle-boy standing. 

Gorn has come a long way since its first iteration. The early access version had only shields, swords and maces. THis latest trailer displays all the latest weaponry available, which includes but is not limited to spears, guns, bows, crab claws, and more. The trailer also shows off the latest visual additions, with more enemy variety. Big and small, human and crab, cool tribal tattoos and goat skull hats, all these you will see in this full release of Gorn.

Gorn is now available on PS4, as well as Steam. For more information, you can visit the Devolver Digital website for Gorn by clicking here.

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