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Ghosts KickStarter Campaign Reaches $100,000

Ghosts, a horror FMV game follows classics such as Night Trap, Phantasmagoria, and The 7th Guest. The novelty of Ghosts is that it must be played at 10pm in the player’s local time zone.

The player character is a TV producer. They operate the broadcast van outside while filming for FrighTV. The problem with FrighTV is that ratings are down. The channel is failing. FrighTV’s flagship show GHOSTS, is the only reason anyone tunes in to the channel anymore. The host and their team of ghost hunters explore haunted locations around the country trying to capture ghost activity.

GHOSTS was a hit when it first premiered. Unfortunately, the ratings dropped to the point that the original network abandoned GHOSTS. FrighTV, however, happily snapped it up. Now, after a fresh coat of paint, the show is relaunching in 2022.

Limited Run Games Example Crowdfunding Ghosts
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Though FrighTV has terrible ads and movie trailers of dubious quality, at least there’s GHOSTS. The cast explores a new location in London for their reboot. The local urban legend is of The Long Lady. Supposedly, she appears in times of tragedy, and looks through windows. If you meet her gaze, you die. Of course, that could surely only be superstition to keep kids from staring out the window at night.

As the producer, you manage what the show broadcasts to at-home viewers. Since the broadcast is live, you need to think quickly to solve problems as they arise. You have camera feeds and heart rate monitors for the cast to keep an eye on. It’s your duty to keep the show entertaining using classic ghost show smoke and mirrors. Unless something more horrible is truly afoot.

If players open the game before 10pm, they’ll only see a classic test card. Upon cracking the code, players can access a pre-watershed version which allows them to save their progress. At 10, however, the show goes live. If the player leaves their station, Ghosts will detect it. Their inactivity will get their actors killed, so be careful!

Ghosts is written and directed by Jed Sheperd (HOST) along with Visible Games and Limited Run Games. Trevor Henderson provides the creature design of The Long Lady. At time of writing, the crowdfunding is at about $140,000 of their roughly $230,000 goal. The fundraising period ends on Friday, May 7 at 2:55 CDT.

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