Get Ready for Horrifying Sarcasm in Bite Me

Today Scruncho, one of the developers part of Vidas Games, has announced her first solo outing, the upcoming Bite Me.

Announced in a tweet, there isn’t too much given away. We get a good look at the game’s title with the backdrop of a classic jukebox. Scruncho says that we need to be “ready to see some really whacky shit in the future,” and in a follow-up tweet notes that the game is going to be on Unreal Engine 4. Talking to Scruncho directly, she also told me that the game will take place in a 1950’s styled diner and that it will have “some humor, lots of spooks, and a variety of weird aesthetics.” However, she wasn’t ready to show any gameplay yet.

If you haven’t heard of Scruncho before, she’s one of the developers that works for Vidas Games. Fans of the Dread X Collection may recognize them as the developers of Arcadletra in the second collection, and as one of the developers in the upcoming Dread X Collection: The Hunt. You can also see a full collection of their other stuff on Steam, which includes the Timore series, the Peakaboo Collection, and A Dream for Aaron. On they also recently put out Dia for free.

If you’re interested in Bite Me, you can follow Scruncho on Twitter for more information.

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