Fans Making Horror out of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

At this point, most of you are probably well aware of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons/DOOM Eternal informal crossover event happening all over the internet. The two titles shared the same March 20th release date, leading to some adorable mashups of the Doom Slayer and Isabelle getting up to all kinds of casual/murderous things. Doom Slayer fishing. Isabelle blasting demons with a shotgun. All good things. With the gamers releasing, I fully expect the camaraderie between the two titles to fade into the more obscure corners of gaming history. However, what might outlast that is the new fan trend of turning Animal Crossing: New Horizons into a horror game.

A new initiative has been taken on by fans across the internet. Their mission is to use the in-game Animal Crossing: New Horizons tools to make the best horror screenshots possible. As you can imagine, Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn’t have a lot of tools to turn your happy villagers into bloodthirsty killers/hapless villains. However, the game does have a paint option, an axe, and some sleeping characters. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Fans like @lizardengland (featured below) have been uploading a delightfully disturbing amount of this new content.

Others have tried to help other fans make their digital worlds even spookier. User @organelle showed how to make a blood splatter face paint:

While I doubt that Nintendo will sanction any of these for official use, it’s fun to see fans doing their most dreadful. If you want to see some more of this stuff, you can head on over to the place I sourced most of this from. Yes… that’s a 9gag link. Don’t judge me. And if you want to buy Animal Cross: New Horizons, you can get it now for $60 by clicking here. Be sure to share your most ghoulish creations with us!

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