Enlist Today To Support Silent Hill Meets Verdun With The Conscript Kickstarter

I’ve been keeping a close eye on Conscript since I saw the trailer for the first time a couple of months ago. Combining supernatural horrors with the real horrors of WW1, Conscript is looking to deliver a perfect package of scares. It’s got a tight retro mechanics, quality pixel art, lots of blood… what else could you really want? Seems like a slam dunk. But to get there, developer Aussie JD (if you don’t list your name, I will name you) needs our help. For the paltry sum of just $20,619 USD (about 30k Dollarydoos) Conscript could be on the Steam store by May 2021. So Jotun Delorian launched a Kickstarter go gather up the needed funds.

For more info on Conscript, here’s some facts from the Official Press Release:

In Conscript, you play André a young french soldier looking for his brother Pierre – missing-in-action during the battle of Verdun. Set in a historic and oppressive environment, you are under constant threat of bombings, gas warfare and enemy raids. Carefully manage your limited supplies and craft what you can find to survive your journey across the battlefield. Face enemy in fast-paced combats on your rescue mission and solve complex puzzle to advance deeper into restricted zones.

So yeah, Conscript is Silent Hill meets Verdun. Can’t go wrong with that. Need more proof? Well, you can always head on over to the Steam page right now to check it out. And while you’re there, download the FREE DEMO! Oh fuck yeah Jamesworth Donkeypunch, that’s how you launch a Kickstarter! I’ve played through the demo myself, and it’s incredibly promising. Enemies are deadly, combat is weighty, inventory is limited, and to top it all of there are mountains of dead bodies. It’s pretty weighty for a demo, clocking in at almost an hour.

So definitely go check out the Conscript Steam store page, add it to your wishlist. And if you have a few bucks to spare, head on over to Jacques De Boys’ Kickstarter. The minimum pledge is just 3 bucks, and it goes towards the noble cause of more retro-horror goodness. I already threw in my 18 bucks, and I had to steal it. So you best do the same.

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