Emotive Interactive Story The Longest Road On Earth Seeking Last Push For Kickstarter Funding

I know a lot of people that claim to have strong opinions about the need for more alternative narratives in video games. Not every adventure needs to be about slaying a dragon or shooting the greatest numbers of malicious foreigners. Sometimes games can just be about someone coming home to an empty house or visiting a post-rapture town. If these aren’t your type of game, then hey, love what you love. I don’t personally seek out these types of games either. But I do think that these kinds of explorative narratives are worth supporting for the greater good of games as an artistic medium. If you agree with that, then here’s a chance to put your money where your mouth is. Even for an experimental art game, The Longest Road on Earth ticks a ton of boxes.

Now, if you watched the trailer above, you probably have some questions. “Is The Longest Road on Earth just about a sad mouse making coffee?” Incorrect. It’s about FOUR sad mouses making coffee, and also maybe reaffirming the fundamental humanity that makes our simple lives so meaningful. It’s all up in the air, as aside from the mouse story, the developers haven’t yet decided exactly how the remaining characters will intersect. Maybe they will be connected through some broad web of coincidences like Magnolia. Or maybe they won’t be connected. The only guarantee is that these will all be, “the snapshot of conventional people living normal lives in commonplace situations.

Other guarantees include the game’s lack of dialogue or any challenges. I’m not saying that as a snide joke. They state on the Kickstarter page that The Longest Road on Earth will contain, “no challenge┬áthat tarnishes the experience.” It’s being developed by just four people from Spain, and I don’t believe they even have a name for their team. But the short version won the award for being the best Basque game at something called the Fun & Serious Game Festival. So it is also guaranteed that someone played it and liked it enough to declare it the best of something.

So if the folksy indie music of the trailer or the concept of pixel mouse people intrigues you, I urge you to check out the Kickstarter page to find out more. It’s just $4,500 dollars away from their modest $11,000 goal. Even if The Longest Road on Earth doesn’t look like your kind of game, consider giving it a dollar or two. With such a low goal, every little bit counts. And you’re helping four mad Spaniards realize their dream of making a game that matters to them. There are probably worse things you spent a few dollars on today.

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