Eat Human Flesh With Friends In Green Hell’s Co-op Mode April 7th

There are a lot of open-world survival/crafting games on the market. Not quite as many new ones as there were a few years ago. Most new titles have gone more towards the Battle Royale genre, condensing the survival and crafting (if there is any) into faster and more repeatable rounds. Still, there’s nothing quite like the experience of a good survival/crafting game. You can get lost spending weeks collecting resources, building up your base, and collecting the tools you need to explore deeper and fight even more dangerous foes. The big question with the genre is always how complicated it wants to be. You can always stack mechanic on top of mechanic to make crafting a wooden spear as tedious as it would be in real life. Or you can just combine a stick with a rock to make a javelin. Great survival games find a balance that fits the tone of the world they’re trying to create. For Green Hell, that balance lies in the threat the world presents. Almost everything is within your grasp, but the world is mysterious and deadly enough that every turn is fraught with danger.

Since Green Hell launched, the biggest community request has been for a multiplayer mode. It makes sense. What’s the point in building your throne of skulls if there’s no one to show it off to? Luckily, the developers Creepy Jar have been hard at work creating a mode that allows us to cannibalize natives with our friends. Will it also let us cannibalize our friends? I don’t know. The press release doesn’t say. But you best bet I’m gonna try! Here’s what we do know is coming from the Official Press Release:

  • Play with your friends — Up to 4 players can tackle the rainforest together in the ultimate bid for survival!
  • New voiceovers — Our characters can’t all sound the same, can they?
  • New character models — What? You think we have identical quadruplets in here? Different clothing colors and beards will populate for each character in your party.
  • In-game chat — Yell at your friends for doing things wrong! It’s fun!
  • Redesigned menus — New menu options to make accessing and using co-op a breeze.
  • Enhanced leech removal — Be a pal, won’t you? Go ahead and remove the leeches from your buddy’s nether-regions (well, their arms and legs, at least)!
  • Integrated invitations via Steam — Inviting a friend is as easy as hunting and skinning a Black Cayman! Okay, it’s actually a lot easier.

If you want to check out Green Hell, you can get it now on Steam by clicking here. The Co-op update will be available to all April 7th. Console versions are planned to release later this year.

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