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DOOM 3: VR Edition Drops on PlayStation VR

Sometimes you really have to go to Hell and teach them a lesson. Now you can do this with a VR helmet strapped to your head. The classic id Software shooter comes to PlayStation VR with both the classic DOOM 3 experience and its expansions (Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission).

Now armed with full AIM controller support, you can use its precision to fire exactly where you want to, check corners, or shoot from behind cover. You can even evade enemies without needing to reposition and stop blasting. DOOM 3 veterans can experience the VR Edition in a whole new way, and it’s as good a place as any to hop into the DOOM series as any.

Doom 3 VR Screenshot
DOOM 3: VR Edition attempts to bring the classic into the modern era.

One new feature in the VR edition is head tracking to look around corners. Players can also now angle shots with flashlight-mounted weapons. They can even utilize Resident Evil-style quick turns to spin around and surprise threats creeping up behind you. A wrist-mounted device provides a diegetic display for your health, ammo, and armor values. All in all, it’s a number of quality-of-life improvements that bring DOOM 3 into the modern era of gaming.

DOOM 3 follows players as they investigate questionable experiments performed by the UAC. Along the way, they’ll rip and tear through fiendish abominations along with a variety of futuristic weaponry. They’ll fire an arsenal’s worth of bullets while exploring hellish locales and unlocking secrets. DOOM 3: VR Edition brings new textures, shaders, and sounds to over 15 hours of demon-slaying fun.

The action-horror shooter released Monday, March 29. DOOM: Eternal recently released the conclusion of its The Ancient Gods DLC earlier this month, as well. Watch the launch trailer for DOOM 3: VR Edition below. Until then, DreadXP urges you to go to Hell, and happy slaying while you’re there.

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