Dimensions Comes Back to Life With All New Dead Edition

What is dead can only really be killed a little more. I think that’s how the saying goes anyway. Either way, 2019 horror game Dimensions is getting a second shot at life with the ironically named Dimensions: Dead Edition. This new update gives players a chance to check out the game, just with better graphics and mechanics.

You play as Vermin Black, an unfortunately named artist who finds themselves in a rather sticky situation. Sticky with blood, naturally. He wakes up inside of a mysterious building that appears to be made up of all the places that were important to him growing up. However, the building is infested with skinless corpses that do their darnedest to have him join their ranks. You’ll have to fight your way out if you want to survive.

As mentioned before, Dead Edition is an overhaul of the original 2019 game. A lot of it was just making the game look better, and sure enough Dead Edition is a pretty good looking game. However, more work was put into other elements as well, such as the game’s story. There’s more focus on combat, and a save system has even been added to the game. All of this makes it seem like this is the best way to play some indie horror fun.

Dimensions: Dead Edition is available right now for free on itch.io.

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