Detroit: Become Human Out Now On PC With Free Demo

I’ve always liked Quantic Dream games. Sure, they might be light on the “gameplay.” And yea, sometimes segments of the story can feel ripped form a straight-to-video film from the 80’s. But there’s something undeniably compelling about the earnest effort poured into each and every Quantic Dream game. With each game, you know that David Cage is pouring his soul into making his vision come to life. You might not like the vision, but you have to respect a man who’s managed to simultaneously make art games and money. Plus, Indigo Prophecy is just brilliant. There’s no debate there.

I’m starting this way because it’s difficult to recommend a Quantic Dream game without the caveat that you just might not like Quantic Dream games. I guess that’s the case for all video games… but Quantic Dream games are exceptionally unique. I’d say they’re more the type of thing for people that play visual novels, but I’ve actually found that to be not true. All my friends that love indie walking simulators don’t like David Cage games, and some of my friends that like Call of Duty cried during Heavy Rain. I’ve come to accept that I just have no fucking idea if someone is going to like David Cage’s Storytime. Luckily, Detroit: Become Human comes with a nifty demo so you can figure it out.

Oh yeah, two paragraphs of rambling before I got to my point. Classic Ted is back, baby! The point of the article is that Detroit: Become Human is now out on PC. You can find it now on the Epic Games Store for $39.99. So if you missed it on the console, now’s your chance to check it out. Detroit is a long one, so definitely take advantage of that demo to find out if this is your style of game. Even if you don’t think you’ll like it, what do you got to lose? Maybe you’re like my Call of Duty friends and your soul has secretly been aching for a story about a robot that learns to paint. You learn a little more about yourself every day, starchild.

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