DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Nightmare Edition Coming To Store Shelves December 10th

I’ve always felt that Dead by Daylight is the little game that could. So many asymmetrical multiplayer games with far larger budgets come and go within a month. Here we are, over three years after the initial release, and the good people at Behavior Interactive are still chugging along chanting, “I think I can, I think I can!” Most recently, the Stranger Things Chapter added another killer, map, and two new survivors to the ever-expanding roster. It’s another in their long line of crossovers, including Scream‘s Ghost Face, Ash Williams, Jigsaw, Leatherface, and more. Not to mention a whole bevy of original killers that all deserve their own proper franchise.

It’s a hell of a lot of content. So much, that new players might be scared off. Well, Behavior Interactive and 505 Games are teaming up to help remedy that, with the new Nightmare Edition. Coming to retail locations December 10th, the Dead by Daylight Nightmare Edition will be available for $39.99. Here’s what it includes:

·        Award-winning Dead by Daylight original game, “Curtain Call” chapter, “Shattered Bloodline” chapter and “Stranger Things” chapter, which includes Steve, Nancy and the terrifying Demogorgon!

·        The Headcase Cosmetic Pack

·        Four Terrifying Add-Ons: The 80s Suitcase, The Bloodstained Sack, Of Flesh and Mud and The Spark of Madness add-on

Now, you may notice that this is a selection of content and not all of the DLC. Added up, the total value of the content in the Nightmare Edition is $68.91. Buying this edition will save you about 30 bucks. To date, there is no “complete” edition of Dead by Daylight available as one bundle. So in that regard, the Nightmare Edition is a good new starting point for people looking to get into Dead by Daylight. However, at almost 4 years into the game’s lifecycle, I was hoping for a new release to be a complete package. On the other hand, complete editions usually come out at the end of a game’s life-cycle. Hopefully, this means there’s more Dead by Daylight chapters to come.

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