Dark Souls Gun Mod Is Like Dark Souls But With Guns

If you’ve ever wished that Dark Souls had guns, then do I have the game for you. No, not, Bloodborne, nor Remnant: From The Ashes (which is also Dark Souls with guns and actually a pretty cool game, read our review here). I’m talking about the Modern Firearm mod, which adds just that to Dark Souls 3.

Created by Nexus user Asasasasasbc, who also recently created a mod that adds Bloodborne weapons to Dark Souls 3, this latest one adds firearms to the game. There are seven in all, ranging from a classic AK to the Resident Evil 4 sniper rifle. Essentially, the mod gives crossbows automatic fire, and then a reskin. So you end up with a Thompson SMG that fires 700 arrows per minute. Pretty dope. 

One other cool mod that works in conjunction with this one is a camera angle change. Nexus modder Zullie The Witch created a mod that changes the Dark Souls 3 camera angle into one more suited for firearm combat. In addition to the Resident Evil style third person camera, a first person mode included as well, though beware of dizziness when rolling around during boss fights. 

The Dark Souls 3 gun mode can be downloaded here. And for the camera angle mod, click here

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