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Dark Horse Games Will Publish Games Based on Comic IPs

Dark Horse Games is the new publishing arm of Dark Horse Comics. The news comes today after the site became accessible to the public.

Johnny B. Lee has taken the helm as the current General Manager. Prior to his role at Dark Horse Games, he founded and worked with a games specialist consultancy named DGTL. DGTL, based in Seoul, has since expanded into China and brought together both European and APAC game companies. Lee has also led business development and commercial strategy for Improbable, a gaming technology and content business with offices in Europe, SEA, the United States, and Korea. Before his work with DGTL and Improbable, Lee founded a media company that developed partnerships with YouTube, ESPN, Tribeca Film Festival, and Netflix. The company has since been sold to Sony Screen Gems.

The publisher will use the various Dark Horse Comics IPs to publish various games across modern platforms. The first-party games will focus on older and less-established IPs and convert them into IPs with a focus on games. Dark Horse Games plans to create additional multimedia projects with their games, and is in talks with game co-development studios and content production studios across the world.

Several of the Dark Horse Comics IPs include Hellboy, Sin City, Umbrella Academy, and Lady Killer. Of course, the number of IPs numbers in the hundreds. Founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson, Dark Horse Comics is now one of the leaders in entertainment from its relatively simple beginnings. The company includes publishing, various products, gaming, video productions, and location-based forms of entertainment.

You can check out the Dark Horse Games website out for yourself. Be sure to keep an eye on the company when it starts releasing new content. The Dark Horse Comics Twitter feed is also a great spot to find the latest news in regards to the company’s IPs.

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