Curse of the Dead God Mixes Diablo With Conquistadors

I’ve always been a fan of Mesoamerican lore. Ever since Smite introduced me to Xbalanque, I’ve spent countless nights digging as deep as I can into that mythological rabbit hole. Did you know they have a bee god? Ah-Muzen-Cab! He’s the Mayan God of bees! While much of this history has been lost to time (i.e. the destruction of countless cultures at the hands of imperialism), we still have some texts like the Popol Vuh to draw from. So I always like to see new stories taking place in this context, like the recent From Dusk Till Dawn Series. Coming soon, Curse of the Dead Gods will also be throwing its hat into this ring.

Releasing into Early Access on March 3rd, Curse of the Dead Gods is a new ARPG Roguelike from Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games. At a glance, the game looks like a dungeon crawler with a cell-shaded art style and heavy use of shadows. So far, so good. As the gameplay trailer shows, Curse of the Dead Gods also features intense reactive combat not commonly seen in “click-n-loot” dungeon crawlers. Equipping a variety of weapons, you’ll have to dodge and parry just as much as you hack and slash. The most unique feature seems to be the corruption system, which will allow you to sell parts of your soul for various benefits. The corruption will eventually kill you, but that’s no biggie. Just start a fresh run and see all the new goodies the semi-random encounters have to offer.

If Curse of the Dead Gods looks to be up your alley, you can check it out on Steam Early Access March 3rd. You can click here to check it out. The team is looking for your feedback to help develop and polish the new content for months to come. So grab your torch, make an infernal pact with beings beyond our comprehension, and grab as much loot as you can!

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