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Curse of the Dead Gods Gains Dead Cells Crossover

Curse of the Dead Gods announced a crossover update with Motion Twin and Evil Empire earlier today. Releasing April 14, the update, known as Curse of the Dead Cells, will be free. It includes a new curse, several new weapons, and a new type of Challenge Room. The crossover update brings in elements from the roguelike Dead Cells.

The Curse of the Headless grants increased movement speed, but increases player damage taken. It also makes the player appear similar to the main character in Dead Cells. The three weapons include the Sword of Conjunctivius (a boss in Dead Cells), the Broadsword of the Knight, and the Crossbow of the Condemned. These weapons mirror Dead Cells’ Cursed Sword, Broadsword, and Explosive Crossbow, respectively. Lastly, the new type of Challenge Room will include the Cursed Chest from Dead Cells. Completing the challenge earns useful, sometimes cursed, rewards.

The April 14 update for Curse of the Dead Gods will also include various balance updates. Passtech indicates a new two-handed weapon style, a second curse, more new Relics, and “much more.” While the company did not provide specifics, it promised to reveal more in the coming days.

Curse of the Dead Cells Weapons
Passtech teased several weapons in the upcoming update.

No crossover content from Curse of the Dead Gods has yet been announced for Dead Cells. Curse of the Dead Gods recently left early access in February 2021. Developed by Passtech Games and published by Focus Home Interactive, it bills itself as a dark action roguelike. Players collect Relics and must balance their corruptions and curses to emerge from an apparently endless labyrinth alive and, perhaps more importantly, rich. With dozens of enemies, champions, and bosses, Curse of the Dead Gods emphasizes skill-based gameplay. By blade, by bow, or by gun, players must navigate the gloomy maze and conquer the guardians within.

Curse of the Dead Gods is currently available on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows (via Steam and the Epic Games Store), and Xbox One.

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