BLAIR WITCH Coming to PS4 December 3rd With Extra Dog Stuff

I think it’s fair to say that Bullet was the star of the recent Blair Witch game. Seriously, do you even remember Mr. CopMan’s name? I think it was Ellis? If I’m right it was by accident. But everyone loves that loyal sniffer of butts. So, naturally, if the game was going to get new content, it would come in the form of more canine costumes. Their Halloween DLC was already just dressing Bullet up like a skeleton. Which was a great move.

No word yet on a David S Pumpkins skin

So with a new edition of Blair Witch launching on the PS4, it’s only natural that it comes with more dog stuff. Titled the “Good Boy Pack,” this slew of content comes with new costumes, mannerisms, and actions for Bullet to win your heart with. It also comes with a host of bug fixes and some other added features, like new cell phone games. Hopefully, they address the glaring bug where you cannot shoot the dog. Really though, the story here is that the game is coming to the PS4. Available on December 3rd, Blair Witch will be released on the PSN. No word yet on when we’re getting a physical release.

But hey, if you want to get more Blair Witch stuff you should check out our Podcast! We interviewed both the writer and super-special boss writer for Bloober team. So check it out, and let me know in the comments how terrible my voice sounds!

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