A New Trailer for Saturnalia Drops to Celebrate Saturnalia

If you’re going to base your horror game on an old holiday, you better be ready to celebrate that holiday. To celebrate it, Saturnalia has released a new trailer.

The trailer gives a pretty good idea of the game’s setting, using a rather descriptive flowerey narration that tells you all about the island it takes place on. Specifically, that island is Sardinia, an island off the coast of Italy. You’ll be hanging out in the town of Gravoi, a mostly abandoned town. Mostly. You see, Gravoi has some dark secrets, and these secrets manifest as literal shadow monsters, out to devour the game’s ensemble cast.

You need to be careful with these characters, as if they die then they’re dead for real. The characters will serve as your lives, and if they die along the way then their story dies with them. You can sort of fight back against the monsters, but you can only do this by lighting matches. You also only have so many matches, so you’ll need to manage your supply of them. Your goal? Get all the characters off the island, solving puzzles and avoiding being eaten along the way. Happy Saturnalia!

If Saturnalia sounds like the horror game for you, it’s set to release some time in 2021. You can add the game to your wishlist on the Epic Games Store.

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