A Dead by Daylight Tournament is Starting Tomorrow, There Will Be Blood

While it may not quite seem like the first game you’d think of when you think of tournaments, Dead by Daylight is having its very own tournament starting tomorrow. The Battle of the Best tournament, hosted by Hexy, will see 16 teams compete for a prize pool of $15,000. It should be noted that this won’t be a killer vs survivor tournament, but rather will be based on teams. Teams can be four or five players, with one player set as the designated killer. They’ll do “battle” with four survivors, with the best winning. That’s what happens when you battle the best.

The tournament’s rules can be found here, which seek to provide some balances for the game. Some add-ons won’t be allowed, all in the name of keeping balance. You can see how survivors and killers will be scored here, which should give you a good idea of what actions will be looked for. It also notes that, in the case of a tie, the win will go the killer that got more points using this system. Hopefully, there isn’t a tie there as well.

If you’re interested in watching the tournament, you can do so on Hexy’s Twitch stream. It begins tomorrow, September 5th, at 1:25pm EST. The next round will be the following Saturday, with the finals on Sunday.

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